Three Angels Diner  
 2617 Broad Avenue 
 Memphis, Tn. 38112                                                                  



Diner French Toast:    Peanut butter Banana Nutella stuffed ciabatta  bread with powdered sugar and maple syrup             $7

Blueberry Pancakes          2 Homemade blueberry pancakes with sweetened sour cream and maple syrup  $7

Dos Huevos         2 eggs, any style, flat top potatoes or garlic cheese grits, bacon or sausage, 2 biscuits   $9

Frittata         3 Egg white frittata, with garlic, basil, parsley, mint, tomato, smoked gouda   $7

Hash and eggs         Beef brisket, potatoes, onions, peppers, topped with         2 fried eggs               $8        

Tato Cakes         3 potato onion cakes, house made applesauce, bacon, and sour cream          $7

Scrambled Tofu         Tofu, sautéed onion, red pepper, portabella, smoky paprika  $7

3 Angels Breakfast         2 Scrambled eggs with goat cheese, bacon or sausage, 1 biscuit             $7

Granola         Local granola, yogurt, honey with seasonal fruit $5


The Kitchen Sink         Beef brisket hash, home made sausage, bacon, garlic cheese grits, flat top potatoes, cheese, topped with 2 fried eggs, & house made salsa         $11


2 Eggs any style         $3.00                  Garlic cheese grits                  $2.50

3 Biscuits                           $2.50            Flat top potatoes                  $2.00                 

Homemade sausage         $2.50                  Vegan sausage                 $2.50

2 Biscuits & Sausage Gravy $4.00        Bacon                                  $2.00

3 Biscuits & Vegan Gravy $4.00


Sub veggie bacon or sausage, add $1

~ Ask your server about vegan options

No substitutions, please




Liquid Brunch Specials

$5 each



champagne & fresh squeezed orange juice



champagne, peach puree


Mojito of the day

rum, lime juice, simple syrup, & mint, & ?


Bloody Mary

Vodka & spicy tomato juice


Champagne Margarita

tequila, lime juice, cointreau, simple syrup, champagne,

with a salted rim


Good Morning

tequila, fresh squeezed orange juice?, orange liqueur, dash of Lime Juice



rye whiskey, herbsaint, simple syrup, bitters


                            French 75

gin, sugar, lemon, champagne





Three Angels Menu

Soup of the day:

cup $3    

bowl $4.50



Big Green Salad: spring mix, romaine, iceberg, roasted red peppers, cherry tomatoes, shaved red onion, roasted portabella, with house made creamy yogurt ranch       $7                                         add grilled tofu  $2                             


Earl’s Salad: Iceberg lettuce, house made croutons, pepper bacon, hard boiled egg, green onion, with house made gorgonzola

buttermilk dressing  $8


Sandwiches: All sandwiches come with house made chips, sub a vegetable add $2.00


Diner Burger: griddle fried, with diner slaw, tomato, onion, pickle, mayo, and ketchup        $7                            

add cheddar cheese     $1                   

add bacon/veggie bacon $1                                                 

Diner Steamie: griddle steamed burger, caramelized onion, steamed bun, house made ketchup & mayo $7

Colossus: ½ pound burger, bacon, melted smoked gouda, crispy

fried onions, diner slaw, tomato, pickle, garlic mayo   $9


House made Veggie Burger:

griddle fried, with diner slaw, tomato, onion, pickle, mayo,

and ketchup   $7                      

add cheddar cheese  $1           

add veggie bacon    $1


Momma’s Veggie: house baked tofu, red bell pepper, lettuce, red onion, pickle, house made mayo(or vegan), extra virgin olive oil,

balsamic vinegar   $8


Adult Grilled Cheese: smoked gouda, goat, and cheddar,

with green onion  $8.50             

add bacon/veggie bacon  $1


Crunchy Fish Sandwich: batter dipped fish, fried, served with tartar sauce, lettuce, and coleslaw   $8







Fried Chicken: (Served with one vegetable)        

Hand cut and seasoned American Humane Certified Fried Chicken                             

2 pieces (breast excluded)  $7                                               1 piece breast           $7.50

Yesterday’s cold fried chicken:    

2 pieces (breast excluded)  $6                                                      

1 piece breast           $6.50




Open face chicken sandwich:

seasoned baked chicken breast, sliced bacon, on toasted

country bread, with chunky mushroom rosemary gravy  $9



our version of the classic, served with roasted garlic mashed new potatoes  $8    



pork, slow cooked with guajillo chiles and hominy, served

with tortillas, avocado, limes, radishes and cilantro  $9


Veggie Plate:(Selections vary daily)

Pick 1: $3.00, 3: $8.50, 4: $10.50



Lucian’s lemon icebox pie     $4        

Banana pudding               $4         

Chocolate Pie                 $4




Homemade “Ade” of the day   $2.50 (no refill)

Iced Tea (sweet/unsweet)    $2.00

Soft Drinks                 $2.00

Coffee(Regular/Decaf)        $2.00



No substitutions, please

18% gratuity will be added to parties of 5 or more